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Holly Tucker, Ph.D.
Editor, Wonders & Marvels
Vanderbilt University
6312 Station B
Nashville, TN 37235

  • James Wei

    I have just published a book “Great Inventions that Changed the World” with John Wiley, and would like to get it posted on your column. Please tell me how to proceed. thank you

    James Wei
    Princeton University

  • Interested guy

    When was this last updated?

  • Another man

    Dunno but I wanna know soon

  • Matt Kramer

    Your articles are excellent and valuable sources of information. As a student of psychology, I have to follow APA style and cite author and date when I reference information gleaned from the Internet. Would it be possible to for you to include the dates of the articles on your site?

    Thank you,

    Matt Kramer

    Walden University

  • James Hanks

    Your RSS feed appears to be empty/broken.